I Went To A Matchmaker And This Is What Happened


When I say that I went to a matchmaker to try and find love most people look at me like I’m crazy. Some of my friends didn’t even know that matchmakers were an actual thing that existed outside of Fiddler On The Roof or novels. But matchmakers have always been around and they’re becoming more popular than ever.

It makes sense, in theory. When there are a lot of potential partners it can be a lot easier and more successful to have a neutral third party match you up with someone that has similar qualities and beliefs. And with the thousands of options that are available through online dating sites having someone experienced in matching people help you out could give you an advantage. That’s what I told myself anyway when I swallowed my pride and made an appointment to meet with a local matchmaker in my city.

Talk With The Matchmaker

When I went into her office I wasn’t sure what I was expecting. I filled out some paperwork and a questionnaire about what kinds of qualities I wanted my ideal partner to have. And then I sat down to talk with the matchmaker. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting but it was definitely not what I got. When we sat down together she quizzed me about my job, my lifestyle, and my beliefs. Then she had me tell her four different celebrities that I found attractive so she could get an idea of what I find physically attractive. Once I was answered her questions she thanked me for coming and said she’d be in touch. Quite honestly since she charged a lot of money I expected a little more one on one time with her.

But she called me three days later with four different date options. She asked me to go out with each one of them and then to call her and tell her what I thought about the date. When I received files with information about each of the dates I was impressed. All of them had very attractive qualities and met my standards for being physically attractive. But, when I went on the dates I didn’t feel a spark with any of them. So we repeated the process. After the third round of dates, I met someone that I did have a spark with and we have been dating ever since.

Quality Partners

Overall hiring a matchmaker was a good way to find quality potential partners. Think of the matchmaker as an assistant that will weed through all those online dating options and find you the best ones to date so that you have a higher chance of success.  The matchmaker might not find you love, but having someone weed out the losers that you shouldn’t date is pretty helpful too. All of the dates I went on were high-quality prospects that could have easily turned into relationships. Not one of them was a bad or unpleasant date. So if you are not having much luck with online dating try seeing a matchmaker to get some expert help finding love online.

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