Should You Feel Bad About Ghosting An Online Date?

Ghosting is something that people are very divided about. Some people say it’s unforgivably rude to ghost someone else. While others say that it’s the kindest way to let someone know you’re interested in them because it avoids any ugly or hurtful confrontations. But should you feel bad about ghosting someone? Are there some situations when it’s ok to ghost someone and others where it isn’t? The experts disagree on whether or not you should feel bad about ghosting someone after a bad date or at the end of a relationship. Here are a few common ghosting situations and why it is or isn’t ok to ghost in these situations:

After The First Date

In most cases, it’s socially acceptable to ghost someone after a first date. Neither of you has invested a lot of time or emotion in the relationship and so it’s ok to just let it fade away. Maybe you didn’t make a love connection, or maybe you just met someone else that you want to date. Most experts agree that while it would be nice of you to send the other person a text letting them know you’re not interested in taking things further it’s not necessary. Ghosting is ok after just one meet up or date and you shouldn’t feel about that.

At The End Of A Relationship

Once you have been dating someone for awhile the rules of etiquette about ghosting get a little murkier. On one hand, it can be a gentle way to end the relationship without having to start a fight. On the other hand, it gives leave the other person emotionally wounded and wondering what they did wrong to make you lose interest. So while some experts think it’s ok to ghost someone that you’ve been dating for a month or longer because it’s a kind way to let them down the popular opinion is that ghosting in this situation is not ok and you shouldn’t do it. Just send your partner a text or an email explaining why you’re ending the relationship if you want to end it. 


Being Ghosted Can Feel Crushing

If You Don’t Feel Safe

Sometimes when you start messaging someone on a dating site, messages can get out of control quickly. Texting or sending messages on social media is so common that most get many messages a day. You can see those messages by using Best Cell Phone Spy Apps. From someone that you’re interested in or talking to from a dating site. But if you’re getting dozens of messages a day from someone, then it is absolutely ok to ghost that person. Block them from your social media and block their number on your phone and don’t feel about it. You have an absolute right to not get threatening or hostile messages.