What’s the Real Score on the Battle Between Marvel vs DC Movies?

Superhero movies get us every time. But with the numerous movies about superheroes today, it can get pretty tiring staying updated and watching every single release. Now, people are asking which ones are worth watching when it comes to Marvel VS DC movies. Some fanatics will definitely choose their favorite heroes like Iron Man and Captain America, and therefore will pick Marvel movies. But there are others who will say DC heroes like Superman and Wonder Woman are better.

So, what’s the real deal? With these two brands of superheroes coming to life from comic books, who can answer the question: Marvel VS DC, which is better? Here’s our take on this never-ending battle between great films.

Marvel Versus DC Movies

If you ask people what superhero universe they would prefer to watch, most of them will pick Marvel. And we can’t help but agree.

Having said this, let us point out why movie goer preferences outnumber DC for Marvel.

  • The DC characters are not cinematic, according to acclaimed comic book writer Mark Millar.
  • DC superheroes are not based on their secret identity but on their superpowers, making them quite unrelatable.
  • On the other hand, Marvel characters, who are based on the personality of Peter Parker among others, are easy to understand and worry about.
  • The DC universe feels old and is set in a world that doesn’t exist anymore. Thus, it does not look and feel cool to the today’s moviegoers, especially to the younger ones.
  • Marvel movies have been simplified, with heroes that viewers can easily sympathize with. Plus, a little bit of comedy and jokes are thrown in between Marvel scenes are great hits.
  • With DC movies, you may feel uncomfortable because you are shown many different sides of the superhero which will question your stand whether to support or be against him.

If you search movie ratings at Rotten Tomatoes, the overwhelming 84% score of Marvel movies compared to the 48% of DC films will say quite a lot. So, do you agree with the verdict?

You don’t have to be influenced by our opinions and just watch DC VS Marvel movies list to make a comparison of your own.

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