Why You Need Online Dating Breaks

If you’ve been online dating for a while and you’re getting frustrated. Because you never seem to meet the kind of person that you want to see more than once. You might need an online dating break. If you don’t occasionally take a break from the harsh world of online dating you might get burned out. It wasn’t until I took an online dating break that I was able to step back and see some things with a little more clarity.

My Profile

About a year ago I started online dating convinced that I was going to meet my soulmate. I was committed to online dating I did everything I could think of to beat the odds and actually find a good relationship online. Hired a dating coach, I hired a professional writer to help me with my profile. I had professional photos taken.  Was hopeful and ready to date and then I entered a period that was the most frustrating three months of my life. I was getting dozens of matches a day but none of them were even close to what I was looking for.

I got messages from guys online that made me want to never date again. Callous remarks, crude remarks, and even cruder photos, and invitations to “hook up” rather than to date. After three months of that and several of the worst dates I have ever had I decided it was time for an online dating break. I decided to take a three-month break from online dating to clear my head and work on myself.

Biking on Sunday

And it was remarkably freeing to not be under constant pressure to date. Instead of feeling bad that I didn’t have a date on a weekend night I’d catch up with my girlfriends or start a Netflix binge and relax. I went running and biking on Sunday mornings past people coming home from their disastrous dates and Saturday hookups. I enjoyed every bit of my dating hiatus. And then after three months when I activated my profiles again I felt rested. Ready to face the onslaught of rudeness that comes with online dating.

Online Dating

I dated for another three months. While I matched with a couple good prospects neither one ended up leading to a second date. So once again I took a break. And I went back to online dating three months later. I have kept that pattern of three months of online dating followed by a three-month break. It’s done wonders for my peace of mind.

Maybe some people can put up with the hazards of online dating without taking a break but I’m not one of them. And you might not be either. If you are sensitive and find that online dating is just too much for you emotionally. Take regular breaks to clear your head and your heart and then try again. It really makes online dating a lot easier to put up with and increases your chances of finding a good match. Because you won’t be emotionally burned out all the time.

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